SKALM is a modern digital agency

We offer expertise in digital communication solutions and marketing campaigns.

Photo: Sandro Barbieri, Abruzzo landscape, Italy
Valkyrie on a warhorse

To stride at a high pace

Horses play key roles in world history. A sturdy strong horse, pleasant to ride but able to carry heavy loads over long distances, was the one tool that could open Iceland’s vast empty lands and stitch its scattered settlements into a society. SKALM is the first Icelandic horse known by name in the Book of Settlements, or Landnámabók written in the mid-1100s.

SKALM derives from the verb skálma which means «to stride at a high pace».

Professional IT-, Media- and Event-Services

Managed Digital Services

We design cloud architectures, manage your workplace online and on-premise IT-Infrastructure.
Our Web-Development and Software Engineering develops your websites and apps.

Photography and Design

One of the core values is the creation of visual worlds and designs for branded contents and digital experiences with carefully composed still or cinematic images.

Live-Streaming and Event-Recording

We live-stream your event and record it for on demand replay at any time worldwide.
We also provide branded online event venue portals.

Our social brands

miis Limmattal

«miis Limmattal» is the latest channel for exciting news, events and general offerings in the Limmat Valley.

miis Schliere

«miis Schliere» records in pictures and words what is happening in Schlieren and how the city is changing.

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